Chromebook Setup

The Spring Hill School District has focused on providing every classroom with a set of technology tools in order to create a 21st century learning environment. The 21st century classroom relies on a variety of technology tools to assist the teacher in enriching the learning experience for our students. These tools include: LCD projectors, iPad, amplified audio, wireless Internet, chromebooks, desktop PCs, other peripheral devices, and software solutions.

Projectors are a key component in any 21st century classroom. Modern projectors offer the teacher the ability to share data instantly by displaying information from various media sources as well as computers, iPads, Internet, and software applications. The iPad coupled with the projector provides the teacher the ability to do interactive lessons from anywhere in the classroom.

The district also encourages the use of both Internet and software-based tools that allow the students to learn interactively. These tools are available from strategically placed computer labs throughout the buildings and mobile wireless Chromebook and I-pad carts that are housed in each classroom. In order to provide a healthy variety of software applications while being fiscally responsible, the district has supplemented its software with open source tools. These tools provide solutions like: graphics editing, office production software, web-based course management, and more.