Reading in colorful letters

 is it so hard for some kids to learn how to read?

Well that is the $100,000 dollar question! There are many reasons some kids struggle with reading. The issues can range from poor background knowledge, to low vocabulary skills, maybe inattention, or poor memory skills . . . etc. For some students learning part to whole (phonics to whole words) just doesn't make sense to them. They prefer to see the whole picture first and then break it down into pieces. The list can go on and on.

But..........then there are many kids for whom parents have done 'everything right' and their children still struggle.

For me as a parent, I tried to do everything right. My first two kids just naturally learned to easily read in Kindergarten. I really didn't teach them.  I read TO them nightly from birth and just exposed them to many many books throughout their young childhood and they started reading on their own. Then along came child #3. Reading didn't come naturally to him and he really didn't care to have anything to do with reading, writing or the typical things expected from school! I am a TEACHER!!  yikes! He had lots of energy from the get go and just wanted to be outside.  Homework was like pulling teeth his entire school career. It was NOT fun as a parent at night. Practicing letters & sounds, sight words, rereading books sent home from school and all the other things he needed to be doing in elementary school to become a reader, was a nightly struggle at our house.   So I had to get very creative at the things we did to help him learn the basics of reading. The additional reading pages under this reading heading are ideas that worked for my son as he was learning to read. He is now a successful reader and ended up doing just fine in school.  He recently decided to go back to college to become a TEACHER. Can you believe that? The child who hated school is going to end up spending his life there!  I am so proud of him!! So hang in there parents. All the struggles of asking your children do to homework and practice skills sent home from school will pay off.