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By Daneen Hollern, WCES


Sight words are those words that good readers have automatically memorized and do not need to sound out.  Some sight words can be sounded out, but it is best that a child be able to automatically state the word.  This will help improve their reading fluency (how smooth a person reads), which will then help their comprehension.  Students learn quickest if they are only focusing on 5 to 7 new words at a time.  Put a few old words into the stack of new words so they feel some success. 

1)      Flashlight Tag – Write sight words on index size paper and tape to your child’s bedroom walls. Right before bedtime, turn out the lights and let your child shine the light one each word and read them.        

2)      I Spy –  place words on cards in different spots around the house.  Ask the child to walk around the house ( or room).  To be able to take the card down, they have to state it out loud.                           


3)      Memory – make two cards for each word.  Mix the pile up and put in rows.  Two  or more people play the game. One person turn over and READS each card.  If they match, they keep the cards.  If not, the cards are turned back over.  It is important that student reads the cards out loud.  Strictly matching two cards that look alike will not improve their ability to read the words.  The person at the end of the game with the most words wins.


4)      Pac Man – put a very large font on the computer.  An adult can type in the sight word, if a student can read the word, they get to push the backspace button and EAT it! Type in each new word and repeat the fun of making it disappear.  Change colors of the font, or for Halloween use a scary looking font.  Making learning fun it part of helping students learn when they don’t even realize they are practicing their reading.  They think they are just playing a game.


 5)      Detective – get a cheap little magnifying glass for the child to hold.  Practice your list of 5 sight words.  As an adult or sibling reads to your child, let them try to be a detective and find their sight words in the story they are listening to.                                                                                                                                     magnifying glass


6)      Go Fish – make two sets of each word.  Mix the pile and put on the table.  Each player gets 3 cards.  Take turns asking other players if they have a match to your card.  It is important that the student reads their own word, and does not just turn their card around and ask for a match.  The best way to learn sight words is to look at them and read them.  Play continues until all matches are made.  The winner has the most cards.          go fish


7)      Slap Jack – put all the words in a pile.  Have the child decide which one word will be slapped.  As each card is turned over have the student read the word.  This is just a fun way to practice reading.