Top 10 Ways to Grow a Reader

mom reading a book to kids
10 Ideas to Create an Awesome Reader   

10)  Read to your child every night before bed.

9)  Encourage your child even if they struggle with reading. Confidence is 50% of becoming a good reader. IF a child does not feel confident, they will be unwilling to try new words and make mistakes. A confident reader makes many mistakes; they just fix them and keep reading without feeling guilty about the error.  

8) Read with your child nightly for 10 minutes. Ask their homeroom teacher for the correct level of book for your child to read to you. 

7) Read to your child every night before bed.

6) Talk to your child often and use more advanced words than their age. This helps build vocabulary and background knowledge. 

5) Let your children pick up books and read (look at pictures) at very early ages. Even if they tear the pages, their little brains are encoding what they are seeing faster then we could teach it.   

4) Read to your child every night before bed.

3)  Ask your child questions before they read, during reading and after they have read a book to help build comprehension. Even if your child is reading a book with very little text, ask questions about the pictures so they learn to get meaning from books.

2)  Modeling reading is important to your child (i.e. turn off the T.V. and read a book, a magazine or the newspaper).                                                 

1) The most important thing you can do to create a strong reader is to read to your child every night before bed. Put them to bed 1/2 hour before you really want them in bed. Then lay down beside them and read to them as they drift off...It's PRICELESS!!!