2021 Spelling Bee

2021 Spelling Bee
Posted on 12/09/2021
2021 Spelling Winner, Liam Daniels, with principal, Mrs. Sly

Dayton Creek held its first annual Spelling Bee.

The third, fourth, and fifth grade classes held classroom Spelling Bees to decide the top two participants that would proceed to the school-wide Spelling Bee. From there the winner will compete in the Johnson County Spelling Bee (the runner-up will attend if the winner is unable to).

Contestants (alphabetically by grade level):

Manbeck's 3rd grade - Emilio Brana-Milian & Grant Smith

Pericola's 3rd grade - Landon Hardin & Tyson McCoskey

Daniel's 4th grade - Harper Coffey & Avann Patel

Lual's 4th grade - Layla Busche & Liam Daniels

Broer's 5th grade - Hayden Huntington (absent) & Teryn Whiteside

Congratulations to our Dayton Creek Spelling Bee Champion, Liam Daniels and to our runner-up, Landon Hardin!

Also, congratulations to those that participated! It takes a lot of courage to stand-up in front of your peers!